BCG MD Scholar Program

We greatly value the clinical expertise and biomedical thinking that medical students and MDs bring to the table. At BCG, MDs spend much of their time working as consultants in a diverse Healthcare Practice that includes project work with payers, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and medical technology companies. They also often work outside of Healthcare, gaining broad exposure to business principles in complementary industries. We encourage you to explore our MD scholar program – an opportunity for medical students to take a 1-2 year break from med school and work as a full-time consultant at BCG!


The MD Scholar program is open to current third year or rising fourth year medical students, currently residing in the United States. Please note, if you are not interested or accepted in the MD scholar program, we encourage you to apply to our Bridge to BCG Program.

Application Process

We accept BCG MD Scholar applications on a rolling basis, year-round. Most MD Scholars will begin in February or March (following major clinical year and board exams), so we recommend that you apply by the end of the year. There is some flexibility in timing and exceptions on start-dates and can be discussed on a one-off basis. We are hiring 2021 MD Scholars in the following offices only: Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Please specify your interest in those offices on your application.

To apply for the MD Scholar program, please complete a full-time application here and specify your interest in the MD scholar program and outline your availability in the cover letter of your application. You will be asked to complete our pymetrics games as part of the application process. An email prompt will be sent to after you submit your application, you will have 48 hours to complete the games. Learn more pymetrics FAQ.

FAQs about the MD Scholar Program

What previous business experience is required to apply?

No business experience is required to apply to any of the programs. In fact, we would expect most candidates to have no prior experience.

As I'm new to consulting, will I receive training before the program starts?

Each program begins with intensive training on core consulting skills specifically aimed at individuals with no consulting background. Specific length of training will vary by program.

What kind of work will I be staffed on during my time at BCG?

While BCG emphasizes the value of a generalist experience for its consultants, many MDs do work within the Healthcare Practice. As with any of its Consultants, BCG will do its best to match individual preferences with the needs of the business to find suitable staffing placements. MD Scholars will be full members of consulting teams, working hand-in-hand with traditional Consultants, analyzing information and developing and communicating recommendations.

When would I decide whether to extend my time at BCG to a second year?

In the final months of the first year at BCG, high-performing Scholars would be able to decide to extend for an additional year if desired.

Does BCG expect me to go back to medical school?

BCG absolutely expects MD Scholars to return to medical school to complete their medical education following their time at BCG. This is true even if extended to two years. MD scholars have the option to return for a 6-8 week internship the year before they intend to graduate. MD Scholars who perform well at BCG will be extended a full-time job opportunity to return after graduation.

What other recruiting opportunities are there for MDs?

Please refer to our Application Page, navigate to the bottom under “I am a MD”.

BCG MD Scholar Program