Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Tool

BCG’s Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Tool supports new pricing and revenue management initiatives.

BCG’s Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Tool helps users identify clear actions that lead to opportunities for revenue increases and suggest ways to avoid revenue dilution. The tool features an easy-to-navigate control panel where every component is clickable and links to a page showing a specific module. It helps companies perform accurate demand forecasts along with product and inventory diagnostics. The tool produces a set of suggested actions about pricing and performs reallocation scenarios.

The tool provides an overview and a navigation screen that intuitively displays input data and suggested actions. From there, users can drill down into specific modules, including:

  • Engine and reference models to understand demand, pricing, and group materialization
  • Diagnostic and prioritization interfaces, for portfolio optimization and product and inventory diagnostics
  • Suggested actions, including pricing actions and reallocation scenarios