Solution Business Director

Our solution business directors work with clients and cross-functional BCG teams to lead product development and the implementation and commercialization of cutting-edge strategic solutions.

What Will You Work On?

In this role, you will work as a strategy director and product development expert to refine and execute the strategic vision and product roadmap. You will manage client and BCG teams from product development to implementation and marketing activities. You will have to execute against financial and investment plans and update clients and BCG teams on the state of milestones.

How Will You Create Impact?

You will work jointly with BCG experts and technical teams to lead product development. You will also manage product-delivery teams in order to ensure seamless implementation support to our clients. And you will leverage BCG partnerships to accelerate product commercialization and reach the target financial plan.

How Will We Help You Grow?

As you progress in your career, you will refine your skills as a strategy director—building and driving strategic solutions and bringing disruptive products to life. You will learn how to drive the commercialization of multiple products, manage leading clients,and push the strategic thinking of both technical and nontechnical teams.

You’ll become an expert of product creation and implementation—and a trusted advisor to the business development and IT departments of large companies.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for proven performers with ample experience in building businesses managing teams, and operating in a client service or B2B technology environment—preferably with past profit-and-loss responsibilities. Experience in building and leading teams is also required.

Our solution business directors need to have the ability to be thought partners with the most senior BCGers in order to understand product ambitions, shape direction,and offer practical guidance for the building and launch of solution offerings.

Meet Our Solution Business Directors

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