BCG Johannesburg Recruiting Process

Interested in joining BCG? We're always looking for creative, driven personalities. Here's how students & professionals can apply.

As BCG continues to grow globally, and across Africa in particular, we are always looking for bright, talented, and driven individuals to join us in tackling some of the world’s toughest business problems.

BCG Johannesburg accepts applications year-round for full-time roles on our consulting staff.

All applications are accepted online here.

You will be required to submit the following documents:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. Transcripts
  4. Matric certificate (required for all South African students and the equivalent documents for non-South African students)

You are able to select up to three office choices. Each office you select will have a chance to review your application in consideration for their interview process. Please provide a percentage for each office choice to rank your selections in order of preference.
If you are selected to interview with BCG Johannesburg, please be prepared for at least two rounds of interviews, consisting of an online test, verbal case interviews, and a written case.

Online Test

You will be provided with an online multiple-choice test, a pen, paper, and a calculator. You are given 45 minutes to complete the test—keeping in mind there is a negative marking scheme. The test is an opportunity to better grasp the kind of issues we address at our clients and test a number of key skills such as quantitative skills, data interpretation, and business logic.

Verbal Case

This interview format consists of discussions about your achievements and impact followed by a verbal business case study, with time to ask questions of your interviewer at the end.

The business case study style is conversational. Your interviewer will explain a business problem that a client is facing. You will be required to structure your thinking, ask questions, and solve equations in order to come up with key recommendations for that client.

Written Case

You will be provided with a packet of documents relating to a series of business problems. You will have two hours to work on your own, analyze the problems and the data provided, and prepare a short presentation with your recommendations. You will then be joined by your interviewer and asked to present your recommendations supported by the slides you have created from your findings.