From your first day, you’ll find BCG a warm and welcoming place. As an LGBTQ employee, you’ll not only receive leading-edge benefits—you’ll also be respected and celebrated for who you are and what you bring.

Pride@BCG strives to make BCG the most fulfilling firm for worldwide LGBTQ+ community members to work for. We actively recruit top talent and support LGBTQ+ individuals during the recruiting process, throughout their careers at BCG, and through alumni networking after they have left the firm. We provide a supportive, LGBTQ+-friendly environment to ensure that all employees have opportunities to succeed and to become leaders for positive change. Membership in Pride@BCG has nearly quadrupled in the past five years.

Career Support

Pride@BCG offers extensive formal career-development support, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities—including an annual conference—to connect with and learn from fellow LGBTQ+ professionals. In addition to this, members often develop strong informal mentoring relationships with senior members of the group.

At the local level, there are a variety of activities, from affiliation events such as happy hours to career coaching, education, and community service.

Pride@BCG alumni are a valuable resource, providing professional guidance to current members and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the group. Alumni are invited to attend different events within their region and receive regular updates.

We Respect Your Privacy

Pride@BCG offers different membership levels to respect the privacy and individual choices of BCG colleagues. We recognize the social and cultural differences that may exist globally and have created three membership levels to ensure that everyone remains connected. You can choose to be:

  • A general member (out to all of BCG)
  • A confidential member (out only to Pride@BCG)
  • A confidential subscriber to our emails (out only to Pride@BCG leadership)

Our Pride@BCG Network

Diversity, Inclusion, and LGBTQ+ Programs: Building Support, Driving Innovation

Nadjia Yousif and Elliot Vaughn, both partners in BCG’s London office, discuss the work they do with diversity and inclusion and the LGBTQ+ community, “helping individuals be their authentic selves”—while boosting the bottom line.

In Our Own Words

Hear from BCGers about their own experiences with Pride@BCG, their identity, pride month, and more.

Thought Leadership


The Diversity Dividend in Southeast Asia

Only about half the companies in the region have a formal diversity program in place—far lower than the global average. But those initiatives are generating results.

Meet Our Pride@BCG BCGers

Pride@BCG was quick to include me in the community. Through this group, I have made connections in Boston and beyond.”

Melissa Bourque
International Accounting Project Leader
BCG Global Services

I have found BCG always thinks about what's right for the individual. I benefit from apprenticeship on my projects, mentorship in my local office, and the additional advantage of the support I get from Pride@BCG.”

Nick Goad
Managing Director & Partner
Washington, DC

The HRC Score and Pride@BCG were definitely some of the things that drew me to BCG when I was considering a position here.I felt instantly welcomed by the Pride@BCG BST network. Some of my most helpful mentors and closest friends have come out of Pride@BCG. It's been great to see how open BCG is to suggestions from the group and how supportive they are of the growth of Pride@BCG.”

Alyssa McShane
Executive Assistant
San Francisco - Bay Area

My first connection with Pride@BCG is what moved me to apply to BCG. Eight years later, I have no regrets and continue to find Pride@BCG to be an important part of my BCG experience. My involvement has led to a set of rich personal and professional relationships that go far beyond the sphere of my role and extend to our Pride@BCG alumni. I really appreciate the many investments BCG makes in Pride@BCG and inclusion more broadly.”

Brian Gross
West Coast Business Management Director
San Francisco - Bay Area

Pride@BCG is an incredible network of mentors, thought partners, and friends who have helped me navigate and shape my career during almost a decade with BCG. As I look forward to building a family, I am thrilled to know that BCG's tireless efforts to be at the forefront of LGBT rights and career flexibility for parents, whether gay or straight, will provide me with the support I need to combine raising a family with a deeply challenging and meaningful career.”

Gavin Stanley
BCGDV People & Operations Director, Berlin
Digital Ventures – Berlin Office



BCG seeks to hire all talented individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, so you are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as an LGBTQ+ candidate. However, we encourage you to self-identify so that our group can support you through recruiting. You should also feel comfortable to list any LGBTQ+ leadership or extracurricular activities in your application.


BCG offices in different regions often have different recruiting schedules. We may not recruit directly at your school. In either case, please check with your local BCG recruiting office. If you apply directly through our website, be sure to reach out to an LGBTQ+ member or e-mail us at to let us know you have applied.


Members can connect with Pride@BCG in a number of different ways: by attending our conferences, supporting our recruiting efforts, planning or attending local affiliation activities and events, or volunteering to be an office node, a mentor, or a member of our leadership team. You may also contribute to the our newsletter.

Feel free to e-mail us at with any other questions you may have.


BCG offers benefits to employees and their same-sex partners. We also offer tax equalization for health care benefits paid to the partners of same-sex employees, regardless of marital status. Additionally, every employee’s health benefits package includes gender transition support for transgender employees.

Meet Our Pride@BCG BCGers

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