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Our Latest Thinking on Consumer Products

The rise of digital insurgents and new business models has been transforming the consumer goods industry. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on consumer products to plan your company’s next move.

Featured Insights

Value Creation and Growth

Read Get Back to ZBB Basics

Get Back to ZBB Basics

When zero-based budgeting uses saved money to reinvest in a company correctly, such as towards promotions and marketing, it can be a tool for success.

Chinese Consumers and the Digital Economy

China represents one of the biggest retail opportunities in the world. To seize it, companies must understand the digital and economic trends that are driving Chinese consumers.

Winning in Digital

Large Consumer Goods Companies: Leverage Your Data to Stay Nimble

Large consumers goods companies have not been winning in the marketplace. Taylor Smith explains how they can leverage AI and advanced analytics techniques to drive competitive advantage.

Consumer Products in South Africa

Whither the Internet in Africa?

Whither the Internet in Africa?

The 2012 BCG e-Intensity Index shows that in Africa, as elsewhere, some countries “get” the Internet—and its impact on economic activity—while others are failing to fulfill its potential.

Ten Things to Know About African Consumers

Africa’s growing economies, rising incomes, and expanding urbanization are creating a new consumer class that has both increasing purchasing power and a hunger for products and services that once seemed unattainable.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Using Data and Analytics to Gain Market Share in CPG

Taylor Smith on the huge opportunities for consumer goods companies as they take advantage of new technologies.

Supply Chain and IT

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