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Public Sector

Assisting Governments and Agencies in Their Efforts to Maximize Public-Policy Outcomes

The impact of automation, an aging workforce, and globalization coming under fire are just some of the many challenges today’s governments need to tackle to ensure better outcomes for citizens. How can governments transform and adapt to the fast-changing world while reconnecting with citizens who are turning against “the establishment?” With the right structures, people, systems, policies, and culture, governments can be more effective and more efficient.

Heightened levels of public scrutiny and fiscal responsibility mean governments must deliver more—and must do so more efficiently and effectively. What’s the key to public-policy success?

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A country’s wealth and growth are important, but equally important is the ability to improve citizens’ well-being. Learn how BCG Public Sector practice’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment tool helps shape national strategies and priorities.

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Strong economic growth gave a government treasury agency the opportunity to transform its fiscal strategy for the future. A change framework helped ensure long-term success.

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There is no shortage of ideas in government—nor of leaders who want to do the right thing. But achieving public impact is difficult. BCG's Centre for Public Impact is a global not-for-profit that helps governments turn ideas into impact and achieve better outcomes for citizens.

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Is it possible to improve educational outcomes and ensure the development of tomorrow’s workforce? Yes, through innovation and transformation.

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Realizing the Power of Digital Government

Building a public sector that is fit for the future requires governments to digitize existing processes and services—at a minimum.

Integrate Digital in the Public Sector

Vincent Chin

Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Public Sector practice

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