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BCG Summer Sessions

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June, 2021 - July, 2021



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BCG Summer Sessions is a series of virtual talks through which BCGers will share insider perspectives on what it’s like to be an Associate at BCG. You’ll learn about the impactful work we do, our transformative digital capabilities, and the many opportunities, support systems, programs, and tools we offer to help our Associates learn, grow, succeed—and have fun!—at BCG. We’ll also share tips on the recruiting process and give you a chance to ask the questions most on your mind about consulting and BCG. If you are an undergraduate student at a school located in the US or Canada in the class of 2022, class of 2023, or class of 2024, we hope you’ll join us this summer!

Register here to learn more about Summer Sessions by uploading your latest resume in time for our first session on June 3rd. After submitting your resume, you’ll receive an e-mail inviting you to play pymetrics. Pymetrics is a series of 12 neuroscience games designed to help us learn more about you, beyond what is on your resume. It should take you around 25-30 minutes to complete.

Summer Sessions FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for Summer Sessions?

A: Undergraduate students at US or Canada based schools graduating in the class of 2022, 2023 or 2024!

Q: I submitted my interest and haven’t heard about the actual virtual sessions, what now?

A: Stay tuned for updates at the end of May! Your registration indicated your interest in the series of virtual sessions. We’ll be sending through individual sign-up links and information about each session starting at the end of May in time for our first session on June 3.

Q: What is pymetrics and what is it used for?

Pymetrics is a talent assessment technology platform that uses neuroscience games and AI to help employers better understand candidates. It is recommended to be completed using a computer rather than mobile device. We use pymetrics to help us learn more about you since it provides an unbiased, multi-dimensional insight into your potential for success here at BCG. These are not a series of tests as there is no inherently right or wrong response, rather they assess different social, emotional and cognitive traits. We do not make any interview or hiring decisions based solely on pymetrics results.

Q: Is participation considered as part of the job application?

A: No. This program and each virtual session is completely voluntary! These sessions provide an opportunity prior to fall recruiting for you to get to know us better, but they are not mandatory and will not disadvantage your application if you choose to not join.

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