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Transformation of Emerging Markets

Some multinational corporations may be wary of doing business in emerging markets due to challenging conditions there—but these markets are precisely where growth opportunities are strongest.

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Gearing Up for the New Era of China’s Outbound M&A

With the right strategies in place, Chinese businesses can overcome their current obstacles in outbound M&A and be primed to take advantage of the opportunity for growth with overseas industry.

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Dueling with Dragons 2.0: The Next Phase of Global Corporate Competition

A number of global industries, such as photovoltaics and mobile telecommunication equipment, have seen disruption by players from emerging markets. Others are likely to follow. What determines which sectors are next and who comes out on top?

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A Street-Smart Sales Approach for Emerging Markets

Companies can boost revenues by breaking mass markets into smaller segments and tailoring their strategies accordingly. Here are five points to consider.

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Onwards & Upwards: In Pursuit of Growth

Growth is an irreplaceable source of value creation for business and society. Neither has much of a future without it. How we collaborate, strategize, and innovate and how we embrace new technologies can unlock tremendous growth and value.

Finding Success in Africa

Prospects are promising long-term success for companies investing and expanding in Africa. The key to success is to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a multinational corporation, while at the same time having a clear understanding of the local competition.

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Take a Look Inside: Interior City Growth Opportunities

Major metropolitan areas are critical markets in any country, but interior cities also offer opportunities for growth, especially in emerging markets.

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