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How to Hedge Your Strategic Bets

Three strategic options can help companies position themselves to seize attractive—but uncertain—opportunities, conserving capital and delaying final decisions until things become clearer.

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

Today’s business leaders need more than one playbook. Your Strategy Needs a Strategy reveals the five distinct styles of strategy needed to win in today’s increasingly diverse competitive environments.

Ideas That Inspire Action

To stay ahead of the curve, leaders need new insights and fresh perspectives—the more surprising and unexpected, the better.

Digital Strategy & AI

Gaining Robotics Advantage

Robots are poised to change the global business landscape. Here are some guidelines that will help your company capitalize on the technology and gain a sustainable edge.

The Double Game of Digital Strategy

Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.

How Data Will Transform Business

What does the future of business look like? In an informative talk, Philip Evans gives a quick primer on two long-standing theories in strategy—and explains why he thinks they are essentially invalid.

Corporate Strategy

Thinking Outside the Blocks

Two complementary technologies—blockchain and digital tokens—give data the continuity of physical assets and help solve the challenges of digital identity and trust. They also have the potential to wipe out the middleman across a wide swath of industries.

Strategic Planning

Family Business

Classics Revisited