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Software & Agile

Taking Agile Way Beyond Software

Too often, agile remains confined to software development. But companies that successfully implement the approach across the enterprise can create an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence

How Digital Can Turbocharge Shared Services

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing won’t be the death knell for SSOs, as some fear. Instead, they will bring an urgently needed upgrade.

Ideas That Inspire Action

To stay ahead of the curve, leaders need new insights and fresh perspectives—the more surprising and unexpected, the better.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Beyond the Hype

Digitization is creating a divide in the corporate landscape worldwide. Digital laggards face a profound threat unless they close the gap with digital champions.

Acting on the Digital Imperative

To launch a true digital transformation and secure competitive advantage, companies need to execute along three dimensions: speed, scale, and value.

Designing Digital Organizations

Successful digital companies make explicit design changes in five dimensions of their businesses: customer experience, product and service offerings, ecosystems, control and alignment mechanisms, and ways of working.

Digital in Industries

Getting Bank Automation Beyond the Pilot Phase

Robots and artificial intelligence will vastly improve many banking services, including deposits, loans, fraud protection, and mortgage processing. Here’s how to realize the promise of smart processing.

BCG Technology Advantage, April 2017

BCG’s latest collection of insights into cutting-edge technology focuses on what tech advances mean for enterprise leaders.



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Technology & Digital