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Transforming HR

Implementing HR Excellence

In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.

Sustainable Economic Development

Government Spending

Why Startups Don’t Bid on Government Contracts

Startups are revolutionizing nearly every segment of the US economy. To partner with more startups, the government must communicate with them more effectively and modify its approach to contracting.

How Public Agencies Can Be Savvier Buyers

Public agencies are under pressure to expand their offerings without busting their budgets. By carefully distinguishing legal and regulatory requirements from discretionary guidelines—many developed with little sense of costs—agencies can work flexibly and collaboratively with suppliers.

Education, Employment & Welfare

Digital Government

Digital Government Services by the Numbers

Users are accessing digital government services more often, and satisfaction levels are increasing, but problems persist. Governments must continue to improve their digital services.

Internet for All

The barriers to universal internet access—including significant costs—are real, and overcoming them will not be easy. But the consequences of inaction could be even greater.

Interviews & Insights

Virtualizing Employment in Saudi Arabia

Alexander Türpitz proposes a workable plan that replaces long lines and complicated paperwork with online courses, Twitter-based customer service, and a frequent-flyer-like incentive program. In Saudi Arabia, he brought these ideas to life with rousing success.

How to Fix a Broken Education System—Without Any More Money

Seema Bansal is forging a path to public education reform for 15,000 schools in Haryana, India with an ambitious goal: by 2020, 80% of children should have grade-level knowledge. She's looking to meet this goal by seeking reforms that will work in every school without additional resources. Bansal and her team have found success using creative, straightforward techniques—such as they such as communicating with teachers using SMS group chats—and they have already measurably improved learning and engagement in Haryana's schools.

Public Sector