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Collaborating to Create Change

Every day, we bring the best of BCG—our business expertise and capabilities—to a diverse set of organizations spearheading critical advancements in our society.

Whether we're bringing our unique industry expertise to our social impact partners or developing their organizational strengths to maximize the impact of their efforts, these collaborations are addressing some of the world's most challenging problems.

BCG’s Approach to Social Impact

BCG completes more than 300 social impact projects each year. BCG’s Dave Young, former COO of WorldVision International, explains how BCG works with the entire humanitarian system to improve efficiency in achieving large-scale social impact. He also shares how BCG helps forge public-private partnerships and helps the private sector move beyond corporate social responsibility programs to create new social businesses and new social value in sustainable ways.

How to Fix a Broken Education System—Without Any More Money

In her TED Talk, BCG's Seema Bansal shares her journey toward an ambitious goal of making sure that 80% of children in Haryana, India, attain grade-level knowledge by 2020. She finds success in low-cost, creative techniques that help improve learning and engagement.

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A New Approach to Gauging Long-Term Impact in the Social Sector

A new methodology gives nonprofits a better way to measure the long-term impact of their programs.

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The ROI of Emergency Preparedness

Learn how investments in emergency preparedness pay off for risk-prone areas.

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Social Impact Is Already on Your Competitor's Strategic Agenda

In a recent LinkedIn post, Wendy Woods explains how companies can create sustainable societal impact, build brand reputation, improve longevity, and deliver business value by leveraging core and hidden assets.

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Collective Cooperation in the Social Sector

As we fight the world’s toughest problems, we can’t fight each other too—not if we want to succeed. When a shared focus on mission, coordination, and trust come together, the results can be powerful, BCG's Wendy Woods explains in her TED Talk.

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How to Help Female Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Programs that use social capital can help female entrepreneurs reach their business goals—now and over the long term.

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Five Ways Aid Agencies Can Increase Their Impact in Middle-Income Countries

Address the changing landscape of middle-income countries with these five best practices.

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