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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Through waves of innovation and evolution, . Servers have been replaced by cloud computing, DVDs by Netflix, Siebel by Salesforce, PeopleSoft by Workday.

While highly rewarding, the transition from product provider to service provider is hard—it's a completely different business model that shifts the value from initial purchase to lasting lifetime relationship, and customers' adoption risk to vendor's retention risk. The new business model requires a comprehensive transition of the operating model—with significant changes in some capabilities (such as pricing and services) as well as from-scratch development of other capabilities (such as customer success).

Self-Assess Your SaaS Maturity

BCG's SaaS Excellence application allows users to assess the maturity levels of their SaaS capabilities, and their maturity as SaaS companies overall. The app instantly provides an initial, high level understanding of potential areas for improvement.

The tool consists of:

  • A quantitative survey to assess the true health of the business
  • A qualitative survey to assess the level of maturity in the operating model

BCG’s Work in Software as a Service

Kronos, a workforce management software provider, is undergoing a transformation to SaaS. BCG has facilitated this change. Watch the video to see Kronos’ leaders share their thoughts on what triggered the shift, what it takes to transform, and what the benefits are.

Kronos’ Successful SaaS Transformation

Leaders at Kronos discuss the challenges, successes, and benefits of becoming a SaaS company.

BCG’s Experts in SaaS

Roger Premo

Partner & Managing Director


  • Leads BCG's global work in next-generation sales models
  • Go-to-market approaches
  • Software and cloud strategy
  • Artificial intelligence
Michael Rüßmann

Senior Partner & Managing Director


  • Software and IT services
  • Telecommunications
  • IT distribution
  • Automotive
Michael Sherman

Partner & Managing Director


  • Leads BCG’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice in the southern US
  • Call center operations
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Agile software development
Nicolas Hunke

Partner & Managing Director


  • Hardware-to-software transformation
  • Network equipment, wireless, and wireline product strategy
  • Equipment and infrastructure as a service
  • IT cost reduction
Sanjay Verma

Partner & Managing Director

San Francisco

  • Big Data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud business model transformations
  • Product management and engineering
Technology Industries
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