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  • Global Asset Management 2013: Capitalizing on the Recovery

  • Gary Shub, Brent Beardsley, Hélène Donnadieu, Kai Kramer, Monish Kumar, Andy Maguire, Philippe Morel, Tjun Tang
  • July 2013
  • The $62 trillion global asset-management industry has finally entered a recovery, but a structural shift in the market promises a bumpy ride for traditional managers of the industry’s largest asset pools, according to BCG’s eleventh annual Global Asset Management report. Assets and profits both nearly returned to precrisis levels. Still, the asset increase was driven largely by rising markets—not the flow of net new assets, which was modest.
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  • Cost Reduction, Transformation for an Asset Manager
  • Find out how BCG transformed a major asset manager while rapidly reducing operating expenses by 20 percent.
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