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Companies working in process industries, particularly in pulp and paper, chemicals, building materials, and their respective subsectors, are facing a range of new challenges.

The paper industry has experienced continuous weakness in demand, while costs have increased steadily. The recent crisis will probably accelerate the need for many of the changes required for survival, but the speed and focus of actions will vary significantly between players.

The current demand crisis, combined with a high level of feedstock volatility, will significantly change the global landscape of the chemical industry as well. Companies need to "win in the downturn" and create advantage now to emerge stronger and to win also in the next upturn. Successful management of the cycle requires both focused resource allocation and an honest analysis of the business portfolio advantages.

The building-materials sector covers a wide range of products—from cement and aggregates to building elements such as bricks and insulation. The players in the sector are facing similar challenges and must evaluate their competitiveness, develop growth strategies, and undertake acquisition searches and value-chain to win in this industry’s changing landscape:

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