Nos dernières analyses dans le secteur pétrolier & gazier

Les leaders dans le secteur pétrolier et gazier transforment la manière dont ils opèrent pour anticiper les innovations en matière d’énergie en amont, de réglementations publiques et de révolution numérique. Découvrez le leadership du BCG dans ses dernières analyses sur le pétrole ou le gaz pour prendre connaissance des défis et des opportunités auxquelles le secteur est confronté.

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Value Creation


For Big Oil, Retail Is the New Black

By tapping into nonfuel value pools and boosting their energy transition efforts, players can diversify away from hydrocarbons and offset the volatility of their traditional businesses.

Oil & Gas Investor Survey

Despite maintaining a positive outlook on future demand, investors want the O&G industry to meet emissions reduction targets and seek green portfolio alternatives.

Energy Transition and Climate

BCG-WEF Project: Mission Possible

BCG-WEF Project: Mission Possible

Government procurement agencies must take steps to abate their greenhouse-gas emissions. They have the buying power to encourage heavy-emitting industries to abate theirs as well.

What’s in the Pipeline for Natural Gas?

Growing demand for hydrogen will impact transportation and distribution networks differently. Players must plan ahead if they are to successfully navigate the coming disruption.

The Last Oil Price Boom May Be in Sight

A dramatic upsurge could start later this year and end within 18 months. What’s more, it could be the world’s last—a boon for efforts to combat climate change.

Digital and Technology

Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs by monitoring their carbon footprint and then reducing it through increased efficiency.

Diversity in Energy

Ensuring Commitment from Senior Leadership to Achieve Gender Balance

BCG's Tina Zuzek demonstrates how companies can retain their best female employees.

A Commitment to Gender Balance

BCG's Alan Thomson speaks to the tangible benefits of gender balance in the workplace.

Strengthening the Future Organization

Oil and Gas