Global Energy Scenario Model

BCG’s global energy scenario model is a proprietary tool that allows companies to model the impact that disruptions in the energy market would have on their business.

Energy markets have long been characterized by stability—but today they are defined by disruption. The rise of renewables, the challenges of climate change, the volatility of energy prices, the potential of dramatic regulatory action—all these factors have the ability to upend carefully constructed forecasts and strategies.

BCG’s global energy scenario model can help companies make smart decisions amid such unpredictability. The tool brings together a variety of BCG models, including those for oil, gas, power, renewables, and climate change, so companies can assess a variety of scenarios through the year 2040. It captures all sources and uses of energy around the world, broken down into 11 regions.

Users can see, for example, how fluctuations in GDP would have an impact on demand and prices across energy sources. They can filter by energy source, region, and energy use and also leverage the model to get detailed forecasts on factors such as power generation and CO2 emissions. The tool also allows companies to model the impact of 18 different disruptions in the market, including breakthroughs in clean coal power and biofuel and hydrogen technologies.

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