Light Building Materials

Light-side materials players are grappling with fluctuating growth and an expanding pool of competitors.

Light-side building materials come in a range of functions and complexity, from simple pavers and varied flooring systems to complicated building facades. And as with the heavier building components used in many of the same projects, the manufacturers of light-side materials are contending with fluctuating levels of growth and demand while competing against an expanding pool of competitors.

To create value, light building materials companies must rethink their competitive strategies, develop new approaches to growth, and seek out smart acquisitions to strengthen their position.

Light-Side Building Materials, From Floor to Ceiling

The wide range of products that fall under the category of light building materials demonstrates the complexity of the marketplace. Light-side materials are usually delivered at the construction site in smaller quantities than heavy materials. These products span a range of complexity: low (such as pavers), medium (such as flooring), and high, the most technologically complex (such as facades).

Light-side building materials include:

  • Structural wall materials
  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Windows, doors, and facades
  • Drywall products
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Cement-based products
  • Precast concrete elements
Process Industries & Building Materials