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Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

With millions of office employees suddenly working from home, companies are more exposed to cyber attack than ever before. Take these seven steps now to protect your IT and sensitive data.

Karenann Terrell on Career, Courage, and Women in Technology

GlaxoSmithKline’s chief digital officer talks her love of technology, digital transformation as a business issue, and the benefits of diverse teams.

Brewing an Agile Transformation at Heineken - An Interview with Heineken Global Information Services’ Ing Yan Ong and Luca Cutolo

Brewing an Agile Transformation at Heineken

The Dutch beverage conglomerate began its agile transformation in the IT department, where leadership worked hand-in-hand with other departments as well as with outside suppliers and the company’s employee work council.

COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Why Agile Work

Why Agile Works

Getting optimal results from agile requires a commitment to strategic clarity that is critical yet uncommon.

Building a Cyberresilient Organization

Building a Cyberresilient Organization

Because no organization’s cyberdefenses are 100% impenetrable, companies need to develop the ability to weather and recover gracefully from the almost inevitable breaches.

Maximize Cybersecurity Investment

A Smarter Way to Quantify Cybersecurity Risk

Not every application or data asset requires the same type or level of cybersecurity protection. BCG’s Cyber Doppler tool quantifies the likelihood of a cyberattack occurring as well as the impact of a successful attack.

More on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and business strategy should be linked at every level, from the board and C-suite to individual people, processes, and systems.

More on Artificial Intelligence

AI has made its way to the business world. What happens next?

Technologie et digital in France

Livre blanc - La blockchain pour les entreprises

Le BCG et le Medef publient un livre blanc sur la blockchain et exhortent les entreprises à se familiariser avec cette technologie dont les applications dépassent largement le seul secteur financier.

Technology & Digital - Scaling the Store of the Future

Scaling the Store of the Future

New technologies can lure consumers back to stores with experiences they can’t get online. Here’s how retailers can ensure a fast, effective rollout.

Power of Algorithmic Forecasting

The Power of Algorithmic Forecasting

Armed with foresight into how conditions will change, a company can take actions to preempt unfavorable outcomes and promote competitive advantage.

Transforming the End-to-End Customer Journey

Transforming the End-to-End Customer Journey

Two Tactics for Partnering Your Employees and Your Technology

Managing Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain Ecosystem

Using Blockchain to Revolutionize Capital Markets and Supply Chains

Untapped Opportunities Presented by Blockchain

Transforming the Business Through Technology

The Power and Limits of AI

Tim O’Reilly on Managing in the Age of Algorithms

The Successful Transformation of Pfizer’s IT Organization

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