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Dina Is an Imaginative Seeker

BCG GAMMA Analytics Software Developer, Seattle

Au BCG, les Investigateurs creusent avec passion les défis auxquels nos clients sont confrontés. Leur curiosité stimule nos équipes pour permettre le changement et apporter une vraie valeur ajoutée à la société. Dina imagine de nouvelles connexions pour ouvrir largement les perspectives.

What I care most about is learning. I appreciate BCG’s investment in my learning and growth through world-class training and conferences.


In Dina’s Words

My background is in computer engineering, but BCG has exposed me to other industries and functions, including data science, machine learning, and consulting. I use cutting-edge methodologies and tools to work on various projects to solve large-scale analytics problems.

I am part of the BCG GAMMA team, BCG’s rapidly growing data science arm. Working in a fast-growing team means I have plenty of exposure to challenging assignments and have ownership over my projects.

About Dina

Dina holds a computer engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in business administration.


Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG GAMMA?

A: I always wanted to work at the intersection of computer science and business, and BCG GAMMA is a place where we engineer solutions to businesses’ most pressing problems.

Q: How does BCG GAMMA fit into BCG as a whole?

A: BCG GAMMA has a mission to make artificial intelligence real for business. GAMMA data scientists and engineers create fit-for-purpose solutions that our clients own and integrate into their technology stack, with full transparency into components, services, and code.

Q: What's your office environment like?

A: I am based in our Seattle office. It is a tight-knit and friendly office where I have felt welcomed since day one.

Q: What does innovation mean to you, and how do you innovate in your role?

A: Innovation to me means redefining the problem statement to uncover a vast array of new solutions. Being able to question and shift your frame of reference is important for revealing completely different insights.

Q: What trends are you following and why?

A: I follow trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn more about how we can use these tools to create impactful solutions for clients.

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