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Agile Ways of Working

Organizing for a Digital Future

Digital does not change the principles of organizational design and governance. But because the capabilities and cadence of digital and traditional ways of working can be so different, leaders must approach digital thoughtfully.

Taking Agile Way Beyond Software

Too often, agile remains confined to software development. But companies that successfully implement the approach across the enterprise can create an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Organizing for Digital


Cyberresilience—the ability to deter and withstand cyberattacks—is critical to our clients and their strategic ambitions.

Digitize Your Core

Take Control of Your Digital Future

To unlock digital’s full potential, companies—not their vendors—must drive the effort with a balanced focus on three dimensions: people, processes, and technology.

Harnessing the Power of Data & Technology

Designing the Tech Function of the Future

Companies have a choice: either transform IT to be able to work closely with business units in developing products and services or focus IT on its governance role.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has entered the business world. What happens next?

Industry Perspectives