Energy and Environment

Green Leadership: A Practical Guide to Winning in the Green Economy

Øyvind Torpp Knut Olav Rød

While the “green shift” has been on Norwegian business leaders’ agenda for several years, we are now starting to see real impact. Companies are shifting their approach to sustainability from avoiding negative consequences to building competitive advantages through green efficiency (increased resource efficiency) or green growth (innovation in products or services). To help Norwegian businesses seize this opportunity, The Boston Consulting Group, in partnership with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), interviewed 42 CEO's and surveyed 800 business leaders in Norway in order to distill concrete advice on how to increase profitability and grow business by “going green.” We are at a tipping point: companies are now building competitive advantages in the green economy. Business leaders need to take a balanced approach in pursuing green efficiency and green growth in order to capture this opportunity. The stakes are high—insufficient focus or lack of leadership could have grave consequences. At the same time, the opportunities for green profit—and the blueprint for obtaining it—are clear. The time to act is now. We call on business leaders in Norway, Scandinavia and the world to be daring and take on a green leadership role.

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