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Indian Railways Stations Redevelopment: Transforming Railways and Creating Win-Win Opportunities

Ashish Garg Rajiv Chaudhry

The Indian Railways Station Redevelopment program is one of India’s largest infrastructure programs. The Indian Railways has over 8,000 stations on its network and the first 400 stations have been identified for analysis and further investigation. 23 stations out of these 400 stations are under tendering process. The total outlay of the program for the first set of stations is expected to be more than USD 15 Billion. The Indian Railways plans to involve state governments, central ministries and private sector players at large scale under various partnership models including PPP. This joint study by BCG, Indian Railways and FICCI covers the overall Station Redevelopment program objectives, different redevelopment models, and key imperatives for success of station redevelopment program.

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