Autonomous Vehicle Adoption Study - BCG

An exclusive BCG analysis finds that the growth in autonomous vehicle adoption will accelerate significantly during the next two decades.

BCG conducted an in-depth study of the trends driving the development and adoption of autonomous vehicles. The study pulled together several elements of research, including an analysis of autonomous-vehicle technologies and economics; US consumer survey data; interviews with executives of automobile companies, suppliers, and technology companies around the world; and an extensive review of industry publications. In addition, BCG conducted a yearlong study in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to understand the regulatory and social aspects of autonomous vehicle development. 

After a comprehensive analysis of the findings of the study, BCG expects that partially autonomous vehicles will hit the road in large numbers by 2017, with the biggest growth coming in the next two decades. Mass adoption of self-driving technology will result in tremendous economic and societal benefits, and with it, far-reaching implications for automotive companies and other players in the value chain.

By 2035, 12 million fully autonomous units could be sold a year globally, and the market for partially and fully autonomous vehicles is expected to leap from about $42 billion in 2025 to nearly $77 billion in 2035.

The market for partially and fully autonomous vehicles is expected to leap to nearly $77 billion in 2035.