Podcasts on the Future of Mobility

Can you imagine a future where an autonomous taxi takes you to work? Michelle Anderson, BCG partner and managing director, talks about how we'll get there and more in a five-part podcast series on the future of mobility and transportation technology.

Introduction to Shaping the Future of Mobility

Can you imagine a future where an autonomous taxi takes you to work, allowing you to engage in projects and emails instead of worrying about morning traffic?

Michelle Anderson, partner and managing director, introduces us to this concept as well as many others in this opening to a six-part podcast series on the future of mobility and transportation.

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Getting Autonomous Vehicles on the Road

As new technologies and business models emerge, a revolution seems to be brewing for urban mobility. The technology is continuing to evolve, promising to reduce car accidents by 96%. But the question is whether or not cities and consumers are ready for it.

Nikolaus Lang, senior partner and cochair of the Center for Digital in Automotive and Center for Mobility Innovation, and Xanthi Doubara, a project leader in the New York office, discuss BCG’s partnership with the World Economic Forum and how the reality of autonomous cars being on the road has come to fruition.

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Autonomous Vehicle Impact

Autonomous vehicles could enable the greatest transformation in urban mobility since the invention of the car. 

Hear about the work BCG has done with the World Economic Forum and the City of Boston to analyze and measure the potential impact of AVs with Augustin Wegscheider, principal, Brian Collie, senior partner and managing director, and Michael Rüßmann, senior partner and managing director.

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The Electric Car Tipping Point

More than 100 years ago, the internal combustion engine was first revealed. Since then, new powertrain technologies have evolved. Despite these developments, combustion engines are still highly popular. Are we finally approaching the tipping point for electric cars? 

Xavier Mosquet, senior partner, and Aakash Arora, principal, discuss the current state of powertrains and the trends in tech and the regulatory environment that are driving the evolution from gasoline and diesel towards electric vehicles, or xEVs.

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By 2030 a substantial proportion of people in the largest US cities will be using shared autonomous electric vehicles instead of private cars. What will this shift away from traditional cars mean for cities, consumers, and society as a whole? 

Brian Collie, leader of the global Automotive & Mobility practice, discusses the reimagined car and its potential impact.

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New technologies are hastening the adaption of autonomous and electric vehicles, which is itself leading to new challenges and opportunities in the evolving automotive industry. 

Michelle Anderson, partner and managing director, and Thomas Palme, partner and managing director, take a closer look at profit pools shifting into areas where incumbent OEMs don't have a competitive advantage. They also discuss how competitors in the industry must lay the groundwork today in order to thrive in a fundamentally transformed market.

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  • Center for Mobility Innovation
  • Digital in automotive and mobility

New technologies are rapidly changing the automotive landscape, an evolution that will also have significant impact on employment. 

In this podcast, Xavier Mosquet, senior partner, and Jessica Robinson, cofounder of the Detroit Mobility Lab, discuss the mobility industry’s potential to create new jobs, the talented needed for those jobs, and the steps cities like Detroit must take to become mobility talent hubs.

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