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How US Tax Reform Will Affect Biopharma Supply Chains

US tax reform legislation brings many potentially far-reaching implications for biopharma companies. Supply chain managers need to ask certain key questions about how the new law will affect their companies’ global networks, investments, and M&A strategies—giving them a better understanding of how to make winning moves.

What Is the Right Amount to Spend on Biopharma R&D?

The most successful companies are those with flexible R&D allocation, according to BCG's Michael Ringel in an article published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. These companies actively pursue and invest in the right new scientific opportunities, balance quantitative and qualitative information on scientific feasibility and market need, employ incentives that drive "truth seeking," and introduce variability into the cost base to enable flexibility in year-to-year investment levels.

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Michael Ringel

External Innovation Basics from an R&D Expert

In this TED talk, BCG's Michael Ringel reveals the collaborative solution that any company can use to bring innovation in from the outside.

Access to Medicines Innovation: Seven Points to a Sustainable System

The BCG Market Access Roundtable convenes senior executives from leading biopharma companies in the US, Europe, and Japan to reach consensus on how to finance the cost of health care. The group’s latest paper, published recently in In Vivo, considers various approaches to financing high-quality care, with an emphasis on advocating for change among payers in Europe.

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A Return to Growth

Growth is the most important driver of value creation in biopharma today. BCG’s Mark Lubkeman, senior partner and managing director, explains how forward-looking biopharma companies are seizing new growth opportunities.

Five Dimensions of an Effective Operations Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all operations strategy. But successful strategies comprise five tightly integrated dimensions.

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Behind the M&A Surge in Biopharma

Here’s what’s driving the current wave of deals.

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Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Integrating specific physician behavior information with ongoing physician outreach efforts can lead to a major leap in marketing effectiveness. Nowadays companies can use big data analytics to design their integrated multichannel campaign.

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