Elevate the Teaching Profession

To attract and retain top talent, the education industry must elevate the teaching profession by enhancing the prestige of teacher programs, increasing teacher autonomy in the classroom, expanding professional development opportunities, and improving career pathways.

In most of the world, teaching does not have the prestige and opportunities associated with other skill-based career paths. As a result, top teacher candidates may opt out of the profession, reducing the quality of the teacher talent pipeline. If we elevate the teaching profession to select, recruit, and retain the best teachers, then we will enhance teacher satisfaction, educational achievement, and career outcomes.

Emerging Model: Ministry of Education

In Singapore, teacher candidates are selected from the top 30% of secondary school graduates. Candidates need to show strong academic abilities and a firm commitment to the profession, committing to at least three years of teaching. After that period, teachers are assessed annually to determine the most suitable track: master teacher, curriculum specialist, researcher, or school leader.