Leverage Innovative Pedagogical Methods

Traditional lecture-based instruction assumes all students learn at the same pace and in the same way. Students who are unable to adapt to this instructional method fall behind. Innovative teaching addresses this problem in concrete ways.

Innovative pedagogical methods include both personalized and project-based learning, aligning structures, roles, training, incentives, and policies with new teaching modes. Personalized-learning instructors integrate digital content that can provide differentiated student pathways, instruction targeted to individual needs, and data-driven instructional decision making. Project-based learning connects lessons to real-world problems, enabling students to build technical and cognitive skills by completing unstructured tasks.

With these pedagogical tools, teaching can be responsive to individual student needs and enable them to solve real-world problems, allowing students to develop the capabilities required to thrive in school and in the workforce.

Emerging Model: Dreambox

Dreambox is an adaptive personalized learning platform offering 2,300 standards-aligned math lessons for pre-K to eighth-grade students. Badges, coins, and mini-games are also integrated into the software to reward and engage students in their lessons. Dreambox uses real-time data to inform learning and customizes teacher development to meet student achievement goals.