Meet the Needs of the Whole Child

Wraparound services are student and family support systems that are integrated with and often delivered directly within schools. They help schools address social and non-academic barriers to student learning. Examples of wraparound services include health care, nutrition, social work, and family crisis responses.

Persistent resource inequalities mean that many students do not receive the social, physical, and mental health services they need to fully focus on learning. If we identify and meet every student’s basic human needs in a holistic way, then we will reduce barriers to learning and enable all students to reach their full potential.

Emerging Model: Harlem Children's Zone

Founded in 1970, Harlem Children’s Zone provides students with personalized support to get to and through college. Four sites provide year-round pre-K to 240 students, ensuring they arrive kindergarten ready, and two community centers provide a safe place for children to learn and grow while supporting parents through life skills and family care.