Commercial Excellence Benchmarking

BCG’s Commercial Excellence Benchmarking is helping companies by providing qualitative self-assessments, in-depth evaluations, and quantitative benchmarking.

Commercial excellence is an industrywide common pain point for product-driven engineering companies.

BCG’s benchmarking approach draws on a database that contains deep quantitative and qualitative assessments of commercial performance. Commercial Excellence Benchmarking includes an in-depth look at 40 exemplary companies that produce exceptional products. The benchmarks can help companies transform their commercial, marketing, and sales strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Commercial Excellence: From Art to Science

Commercial excellence is shifting from a sales strategy based on intuition to one based on hard facts.

Traditional sales strategies were based on intuition and were led by the sales person as “artist.” The sales process was characterized by:

  • Relationship-based selling
  • Strong persuasiveness
  • Deep product know-how
  • Incentivized by volume, with top sellers making units
  • Fast career track

The new fact-based approach to commercial excellence is more science than art. With this new approach:

  • Channels are actively managed and steered by profitability and cost-to-serve considerations.
  • Sales force effectiveness is steered by multidimensional targets such as volume, profit, and customer satisfaction.
  • Pricing is based on customer value, differentiated by microsegments.
  • Specific training and retention programs are in place, especially in emerging markets.
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