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Thinking Outside the Blocks

Two complementary technologies—blockchain and digital tokens—give data the continuity of physical assets and help solve the challenges of digital identity and trust. And they have the potential to wipe out the middleman across a wide swath of industries.

Digital Revolution in Trade Finance

Banks’ lucrative trade finance business is under threat. Growth in trade is slowing, regulatory costs are up, and the use of bank guarantees is down. The answer lies in digital technology.

Annual Reports

Corporate Banking and Capital Markets

Getting Big in Small Business Banking

Banks often regard small businesses as high risk and costly to serve. But incumbents that are looking to boost performance and remain competitive should think again.

Retail Banking

How to Reap a Pricing Windfall in Retail Banking

Superior pricing capabilities offer a potential revenue windfall for retail banks caught in the industry’s crossfire of slow growth, heightened competition, price-conscious customers, and regulatory change.

Editors Choice

Transaction Banking

Data Analytics for Financial Institutions

Savvier analytics practices, partnerships, and organization models can help financial institutions generate billions from data analytics, according to a study by BCG and Morgan Stanley Research.

Asset & Wealth Management

Hedge Funds: Down but Not Out

The standard hedge fund business model is coming under pressures that will ultimately transform the way hedge funds operate. Adapting now can help ensure survival.

Financial Institutions