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Organizations in every sector can help tackle disease and health problems.

Infectious diseases and family health issues still cause immense suffering in the poorest parts of the world. For example, about 200 million people become infected with malaria each year, causing over half a million deaths. Organizations in the public, private, and social sectors can help mitigate these tragedies by sharing learning and innovations to develop and deliver life-saving interventions to underserved populations.

Improving Health Care in Africa

Borrowing lessons from consumer companies can improve health in Africa.

Global health organizations are fighting to alleviate the cycle of poverty that affects many Africans. To enhance success, these organizations can borrow from the playbooks of consumer companies to improve their impact on Africa’s most at-risk populations. Here are five important lessons:

Understand the Many Africas

Innovate with the Target Consumer and Market in Mind

Harness the Power of Brands

Develop High-Impact Marketing and Communications

Creatively Expand Distribution and Access

Policymakers now stand at a fork in the road and face two paths: the familiar but long, expensive, and ultimately unsustainable path of developed economies, and a shortcut that leapfrogs over the problems experienced by developed economies and results in a system that provides better health outcomes, financial sustainability, and individual satisfaction. African economies are well-suited to, and would be better off taking, the second path.

Mathieu Lamiaux
Senior Partner & Managing Director
Social Impact
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