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The Leader in Shipping Benchmarks

To get to where you’re going, you must know where you are. That’s where the Shipping Benchmark Initiative can help. Your participation in one or more of the six SBI benchmark surveys will give you the data-driven insights you need to get ahead in the volatile world of global shipping.

SBI’s Six Benchmarks

SBI’s holistic approach provides the data and insights you need to thrive in the new millennium.

Since 2009, BCG’s Shipping Benchmarking Initiative has been running 6 distinct benchmarks covering the most important aspects of the shipping business. Providing the most comprehensive and reliable benchmarks in the shipping industry, SBI is an important resource for any shipping executive.

Whether you are looking to attain cost leadership, improve commercial performance, or develop a digital strategy, SBI can help you unlock the information you need to chart the right course.

Vessel OPEX

A 26-factor benchmark helps you assess your vessels’ cost-competitiveness in today’s market. 

  • How do your costs compare with those of the competition? 
  • How about your technical efficiency and procurement strategies?

Organizational Efficiency

In shipping, as in most businesses, the best team usually wins. This benchmark measures the overall efficiency of your organization compared to your peers based on cost, price, and service. 

  • How is my organization set up versus peers? 
  • Am I set up in the right locations? 
  • Is my setup cost-competitive? 
  • Where are my sources of competitive advantage? 
  • Where do I have room for improvement? 
  • How is my organization performing based on a set of industry-specific KPIs?

Bunker procurement

For many fleet managers, a major share of profitability is set before the ship leaves port. Without a clear idea of how your fuel cost compares to your peers’, you cannot know where you stand. 

  • How efficient is your bunker strategy? 
  • Is your procurement team planning well? 
  • Are your oil purchases optimal given your fleet’s location?

Bunker Consumption

Fleet mileage matters. This key metric says a lot about route profitability, vessel condition, and more. 

  • How much fuel are you burning and where? 
  • How does it compare to the fuel consumption of the competition by size? 
  • How does consumption vary by route?

Terminal Handling Costs

The routes get the attention but a lot of profit is won or lost at the terminal. 

  • How do your terminal handling costs compare to your competitors’? 
  • Should you diversify your distribution points?

Intermodal Costs

The customer is concerned about the all-in costs, so you need to know if you’re paying the right rate for your land transport, whether that’s for the last mile or the last 500 miles. 

  • How does your volume v. unit cost compare to that of your peers? 
  • Are you overpaying on any of your routes?

What the SBI Delivers

For every benchmarking survey you sign up for, you receive customized reports and data. (View output examples.):

A Personalized Report

A Personalized Data File

A Tailored Executive Presentation

Advanced analytics

Shipping Benchmark Initiative