Andrea Gallego is a managing director and partner and the Global GAMMA CTO at Boston Consulting Group. She founded and leads the innovation and engineering team at GAMMA (GAMMA X). Andrea focuses on AI at scale and building digital and analytics solutions across multiple industries (primarily health care and financial services), leading GAMMA’s practice and client work in technology vision and overall strategy. Andrea helps drive the firm’s Women at DigitalBCG and Women at GAMMA initiatives. She founded Source AI, GAMMA’s first AI/ML software. 

Andrea works with GAMMA clients on the CIO/CTO/CEO agenda in topics such as AI at scale, digital transformation, and intrapreneurship (corporate growth through inorganic growth and corporate startup strategies). She is currently focused on leading a transformation at a major retailer, including consulting on growth strategies in the tech and analytics domain, new platform build collaboration, and digital enablement to optimize core processes that will cut costs and fund the journey to enable new revenue streams. 

Prior to joining the firm, Andrea spent time at McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen, an NGO, and in investment banking. She is a member of Girls Who Code, Women Who Code, and the AnitaB.Org foundation.


  • MA, computer science, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • MS, business analytics and computer science, Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business
  • General program, London School of Economics


  • Women in Business Analytics Award Winner, INFORMS
  • Winner of Women Who Code award, 2018
  • Boston Marathon finisher 2nd place in Women’s age group
  • Member and Consultant for Women Who Code
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