Artificial Intelligence and AI at Scale

Scaling artificial intelligence can create a massive competitive advantage, but it’s not enough to invest in cutting-edge technologies and algorithms. You need to rewire decision making and operations to extract value—and invest in human capabilities to make it stick. At BCG, we refer to this as AI at scale—also known as AI @ scale.

I pionieri dell'AI su larga scala, ossia le aziende che hanno portato l'AI in tutta l'azienda e hanno ottenuto un valore significativo dai loro investimenti, in genere dedicano il 10% dei loro investimenti agli algoritmi, il 20% alle tecnologie e il 70% all'integrazione nei processi aziendali e nei nuovi modi di lavorare. In altre parole, queste organizzazioni investono il doppio nelle persone e nei processi rispetto alle tecnologie.

Quando le aziende investono poco in persone e processi, perdono rapidamente slancio. Questo perché sembra facile lanciare una serie di progetti pilota di successo che utilizzano l’intelligenza artificiale, ma senza il giusto approccio e senza concentrarsi sulla strategia di gestione del cambiamento, è quasi impossibile portare l'AI in tutta l'azienda.

Are You Making the Most of Your Relationship with AI?

A recent BCG-MIT Sloan Management Review study suggests that in order to achieve significant financial benefits from their machines, companies will have to look beyond automation—and focus instead on learning and organizational transformation. A symbiotic relationship is necessary, where companies don't just teach machines what humans already know; they deploy whatever human-machine interaction the situation calls for, adapting as needed to changing context, circumstances, and scenarios.

How Our AI Consulting Experts Work with Clients

BCG’s AI consulting team and practitioners help clients quickly launch AI @ scale initiatives using a variety of techniques, including machine learning, large-scale optimization, and simulations. Our AI @ scale approach—built on lessons from hundreds of client engagements—is to think big, start small, and grow fast. With this framework, companies deliver results in weeks or months, rather than years.

Think Big

Start Small

Grow Fast

BCG’s AI Code of Conduct

At BCG, we lead with integrity—and the responsible use of artificial intelligence is fundamental to our approach. We aim to set an ethical standard for AI in our industry, and we empower our clients to make the right economic and ethical decisions.

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