Harnessing Data and Advanced Technology artwork

Harnessing Data and Advanced Technology

Machines offer the possibility for vastly more nuanced decision making, an advantaged cycle of data collection. They will enable companies to automate operations, orchestrate wide-ranging experimentation, and drive very rapid and continuous business improvement.

Data and advanced technology can enable companies to orchestrate wide-ranging experimentation, and drive very rapid and continuous business improvement. Learn how digital transformation opens the door to big data and advanced technology, and what that means for your business.

Centralized Data

For companies of the future, data will become a huge asset and learning will become an essential capability. Data are quite literally the “senses” of the company’s machines and AI. Companies will need to invest in gathering data (through sensors, data ecosystems and partnerships, and by obtaining customer permissions). They will need to manage data well (investing in cloud and data lakes)—so that it can be used while also being appropriately protected (with relevant privacy policies and necessary cybersecurity).


Data-Driven Transformation: Accelerate at Scale Now

Data-driven transformation is becoming a matter of life and death in most industries, but initiatives often fail. Here’s how to make sure that yours succeeds.


Ensuring Data Security

Effective cybersecurity is a prerequisite of the company of the future.


Learning Organizations

Companies will need to determine the use cases where data can create massive value. They will need to assess the data with AI and advanced analytics, turn it into business actions, track outcomes, and create learning loops. Plenty of use cases exist: predictive maintenance or machine control in manufacturing; advanced production flows or inventory management or transportation in supply chain; next best offer or price or promotion or marketing message in commercial functions. Companies that understand rapid learning will drive better decisions and create value and competitive advantage.


A CEO’s Guide to Leading and Learning in the Digital Age

Digital might sometimes seem like an enemy in the workplace, but you can make it an ally as you build an enterprise-wide learning ecosystem.


The Big Leap Toward AI at Scale

Companies are encountering the “AI paradox”—it is deceptively easy to launch projects with AI but fiendishly hard to reach scale.


Technology Platforms

Technology systems need to span the company (or at least groups of similar business units). This is a big challenge for companies with diverse sets of legacy systems. Often, the first step for these clients is to adapt data and technology stacks to support key use cases. Taking a step beyond simply use cases requires evolving over time to a global technology architecture. Digital natives, which have had the benefit of building from scratch, go one step further—their technology platforms are designed to allow for rapid innovation and enhancement of processes.

Digital Platform

Modernizing IT legacy systems enables companies to handle a massive ingestion of data, use that data across silos, and accelerate its processing. Today’s technologies and new ways of working make it possible to simultaneously build an industrial data platform and achieve rapid results.


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