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Our Latest Thinking on Digital, Technology, and Data

Digital transformation in business is no longer merely an option—it’s an imperative. Gaining advantage in the market means organizations must become bionic, embracing new methods, technologies, and organizational principles to quickly leapfrog competitors and truly innovate. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on digital to uncover opportunity and dig into insights that will shape your future.

Featured Insights

New Ways of Working

BCG on Digital and Technology

Digital is transforming every aspect of business, in every industry. Follow BCG on Digital and Technology on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from DigitalBCG.

Digitize Your Core Business

How Digital Champions Invest

How Digital Champions Invest

Digital champions are expanding their lead with investments to enhance technology and IT, build their talent base, and push digital projects—including in AI—to scale.

COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Industry Spotlight

Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

When one of the world’s biggest steel companies ran into a crisis, it successfully launched a major change initiative—and integrated the ability to change into its DNA.

Expert Videos

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization

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Lezioni di un anticonformista della Silicon Valley: nuovi modi di lavorare e collaborare

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Mastering the Art of Personalization

La prossima rivoluzione della produzione è arrivata

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working

A cosa sei disposto a rinunciare per cambiare il nostro modo di lavorare?