Win the Fight: Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

In the global battle against the novel coronavirus, the world is at a delicate transition point. Although the fight is far from over, extraordinary efforts have allowed many countries to flatten the curve of new cases and enabled others to reduce the number to nearly zero.

Now, the challenge is for countries to open up society and restart the economy—but without sparking a new wave of infections and deaths. It’s a task that will require a concerted and coordinated effort on the part of all stakeholders in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

BCG has been working with our clients around the world to fight COVID-19 and help them face the multidimensional challenges of what is fundamentally a new reality. In the weeks ahead, we will be sharing what we are learning about scenario planning and other topics.

Practical Guidance for Public- and Private-Sector Institutions

Three Paths to the Future

Three strategies for fighting the coronavirus and restarting economies have emerged. The most popular one is the most unstable.

Winning the Fight in the Private Sector

Winning the Fight in the Private Sector

How should companies operate in today’s uncertain environment and transform to thrive in the postpandemic world? In the coming weeks, we share our insights and experiences as we help companies reopen and emerge stronger.

Beyond the Curve: Read More About What’s Ahead


Start Reimagining Government Now

COVID-19 has massive implications for governments, including increased demand for public services and the need to improve resilience. To adapt, leaders must rethink governments’ roles and processes.

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How to Restart in the Wake of COVID-19

With no precedent to guide them, governments must create a strategy for reopening economic and social life. A graduated plan, governed at the national level and implemented at the local level, offers flexibility and opportunities for learning.

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How Governments Can Galvanize Their Nations for the Rebound

Governments must start planning for a post-COVID-19 world that brings bigger benefits to more of society and business. Three priorities stand out.

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Win the Fight