Mobility Innovation across Public and Private Sectors

BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation engages with organizations from both the public and private sectors as they experiment with innovative modes of transport and services around the world. The center’s cross-functional team Innovation works with both traditional players and new entrants, as Investments in mobility start-ups and M&A activity take off. Read about our impact.

The Public Sector

Cities have the most urgent need for innovative mobility solutions. Reducing traffic congestion, improving accessibility, and delivering reliable transportation systems at reasonable costs are just some of the most relevant city priorities. 

BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation helps public stakeholders—such as city leadership, transportation departments, national governments, and public transport agencies—understand the mobility needs of their communities, develop strategies, and implement those innovative solutions.

The Private Sector

To realize new possibilities, numerous corporate sectors must develop new concepts and rethink old structures. That means technology providers, service providers, and energy suppliers must invest alongside traditional OEMs. 

The center team combines global and regional expertise in automotive and mobility, infrastructure, and transportation to help clients understand their unique business strategy and formulate a future vision that articulates clear ambitions and targets. 

BCG helps our clients cultivate an agile culture that deploys targeted innovation and new approaches.

Public-Private Partnerships

The Center for Mobility Innovation also bridges the corporate and government worlds, pulling together public-private partnerships targeting critical developments in this area. BCG has been working with the World Economic Forum and an extensive network of partners since 2013 to shape the future of urban mobility and make autonomous vehicles a reality. For the past three years, we have been collaborating to advance the implementation of AVs in an urban setting. 

More recently, we have explored model mobility scenarios and launched a real-life pilot in Boston and Detroit.

Center for Mobility Innovation