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I servizi pubblici si stanno trasformando in vista di una maggiore incertezza, debole crescita delle attività tradizionali e aumento delle aspettative dei clienti e degli stakeholder. Scopri le teorie più recenti della leadership di BCG su elettricità e servizi pubblici per saperne di più sulle minacce e le opportunità che avranno un impatto sul tuo business.


The Bionic Network of the Future

Introducing the Bionic Network of the Future

Energy networks can accelerate the adoption of digital developments by pursuing the “bionic company,” where employees are reinforced--instead of replaced--by technology.

Conventional Power Generation

Three Steps Power Companies Must Take to Adapt to a Changing Industry

BCG’s Sabine Stock says power generators must become more focused on cost cutting; pay more attention to flexibility, particularly when it comes to staffing; and approach maintenance routines in new ways.


New Paths to Productivity in Power Generation

The survival of conventional power producers requires improving productivity long term. Lean management systems and new digital technologies can complement  utilities’ belt-tightening efforts.

Large-Scale Renewables


The Real Promise of Hydrogen

Beware the hydrogen hype. Low-carbon hydrogen does have massive potential—but only if companies target its use in areas that make economic sense.


IoT in Wind: Value Opportunity

Volume & fidelity of wind turbine generators and third-party data have increased tremendously. How, and where, can IoT create value for wind energy companies?

Transmission & Distribution

The Power Grid of the Future

Power network operators face multiple potential disruptions. Widespread defection from the grid is just one of them.

Sales & Services and Distributed Energy Resources

Three Ways Utility Companies Can Drive Fresh Growth in Retail

According to BCG’s Stephan Lehrke, power companies can increase their retail business by increasing customer growth and improving profitability, moving into other markets, and building up their retail operations through value-added services—especially digital.

Holger Rubel on Where the Distributed Energy Market Is Headed

Distributed energy is transforming the way energy is generated and used. To stay competitive, incumbents must strengthen their understanding of B2B and B2C customers’ needs in diverse industries.

Energy Transition

Preparing for a Warmer World

We have the technologies to combat climate change but not the means to implement them globally. Now we must both continue the fight and make realistic plans.

Commodity Trading & Risk Management

Strategies for Natural Gas & LNG

2019 Global Gas Report

This report, coproduced by BCG and the International Gas Union, assesses recent trends shaping today’s global gas industry and the factors that will affect the market in the future.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Large Capital Project Management

Power & Utilities