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BCG’s Center for Health Care Value is driven by a collaborative network of BCG experts—including more than 200 consultants who have direct experience with value-based health care.

Jennifer Clawson is an associate director at The Boston Consulting Group and has been with the firm since 1999. She is a core member of BCG’s global Health Care practice. 

Jennifer has extensive experience working in organizational and operational effectiveness, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.

An Interview with Jennifer Clawson

Which sectors within health care should be driving the implementation of value-based health care?

All of them. By placing the patient in the center, incentives of the various stakeholders—such as providers, payers, and suppliers—become better aligned to improve individual components of patient care.

Leading organizations in different regions are able to successfully contribute to better patient results at the same or lower cost. Also, we are seeing niche players—or even those for whom health care may not be their primary business today—generate value by improving patient results at the same or lower cost.

How can organizations make a successful shift to this new model?

The winning value-based health care organizations will be those from any sector that follow three primary steps. They must understand and address the root causes of variation in today’s patient results. To improve care pathways, they have to collect, report, and use high-quality, transparent outcomes that matter to patients. And they need to create a flexible organization with the right capabilities to succeed in a value-based health care world.

How does BCG work with clients to help implement value-based health care?

We help them define and implement strategies that improve the value they can deliver to patients while also creating a sustainable competitive advantage. For example, we have worked with pharma and medtech companies on business models for specific medical conditions in order to generate value for improving patient care and financial value for the organization.

We work not only with the individual players within a health care system but also with the health care system itself—creating improved quality and transparency of patient outcomes and strengthening the prevention and primary care models.

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Meet the Experts