Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit

Personalizing the shopping experience—whether online, through a mobile device, or in physical locations—is the goal of every modern company. BCG’s Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit helps companies shift their focus toward a fully customer-centric business model.

Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit breaks the customer journey into five key steps. These steps are further segmented across 30 dimensions, with more than 400 checkpoints and 1,200 questions along the way. The resulting data is compared to more than 180 international benchmarks defined by experts in the field. Each score is also benchmarked against industry peers, the national average, and international industry best practices.

For example, online performance checkpoints include online navigation effectiveness, online look and feel, online performance, online product information, and checkout entry. Omnichannel performance checkpoints include cross-channel references and customer data management across channels.

  1. Orientation. How visible, accessible, and user-friendly is the site in all channels and on all devices?
  2. Selection. How attractive, easy, or inspiring is it to select products or services? Does it enhance your shop experience?
  3. Transaction. How customer-friendly, easy, and trustworthy is the transaction process? What are the payment, delivery, and personalization options?
  4. Delivery. How is the post-transaction process structured? Is the delivery process adequate, and does it promote a pleasant and convenient shopping experience?
  5. Customer Care. How are post-purchase customer care and personal follow-up structured, and what is the level of customer-centricity during all five steps of the process?

The audit results give companies an outside-in perspective of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

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