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Tecnologie molto avanzate come blockchain, IA, IoT e quantum computing stanno per rimodellare le aziende del settore tecnologico. Leggi la recente pubblicazione di BCG sulla leadership nel settore tecnologico per saperne di più sul futuro dell’innovazione tecnologica.


2020 TMT Value Creators Report | Collection | Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

The 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

After achieving remarkable success in the 2010s, top performers in technology, media, and telecommunications face the challenge of maintaining their impressive trajectory in a volatile and highly competitive market.

BCG on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Disruptive technologies and convergences of digital thinking are revolutionizing the technology, media, and telecommunications industries.

How Field Service Organizations Can Benefit from Augmented Reality

Technicians can do their work faster, and with fewer errors, with the help of augmented reality. But companies seeking to leverage this technology must go in with a game plan: study your technicians’ various work environments, and create individualized and adaptable solutions.

Taking the Risk Out of Digital Projects

Agile is powerful, but it isn’t suitable for every digital project. If the company’s technology architecture isn’t decoupled, or if project dependencies are high, a hybrid approach makes sense.

Why Software PMIs Need to Get Agile

Why Software PMIs Need to Get Agile

There’s a startling disconnect between how companies view their M&As and what they actually achieve. But by taking an agile approach, they can create greater value—faster.


La cyberresilience, ovvero la capacità di prevenire e resistere agli attacchi informatici, è fondamentale per i nostri clienti e per le loro ambizioni strategiche.  Insieme al World Economic Forum, usiamo il termine "cyberresilience" per evocare il tipo di pensiero a lungo termine che collega la cybersecurity alla strategia aziendale su tutti i livelli: consiglio di amministrazione, alti dirigenti, singoli individui, processi e sistemi.

Understanding Trends in Software and the Cloud

Understanding Trends in Software and the Cloud

The Cloud Should Be Lean

The Future of On-Premise Software

The Tech Star Keeps Burning Bright - 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

The Tech Star Keeps Burning Bright

Many tech companies are reaching middle age and need to reinvent and transform themselves to stay relevant. They also need to broaden their core purpose to address their role and influence in society and their effect on the environment.

Globalization - Unpacking the US−China Tech Trade War

Unpacking the US−China Tech Trade War

Even if the US and China reach a deal in their current tariff dispute, the bilateral technology trade relationship is unlikely to return to the old status quo.

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