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Software as a Service (SaaS)

An advantaged business model in the technology industry and beyond

Cloud computing and subscription-based business models continue to change the software industry. By the end of 2018 SaaS represented 28% of the total enterprise software market. It is expected to reach 45% by 2023—a significant milestone to achieve in such a short period of time.

Customers, vendors, and investors alike are reaping the rewards. Customers are enjoying increased flexibility and lower total cost of ownership. Vendors are seeing a rejuvenation in core businesses and moving from stagnation to growth. Investors are happy with higher returns as the market values SaaS companies two to three times higher than their on-premise equivalents.

The SaaS journey is hard. It's a different business model that requires new operating practices. At BCG, we've helped numerous clients through the journey. We've helped traditional software companies make the shift from selling on-premise licensed software to SaaS. We've helped SaaS natives accelerate their performance. And we've helped companies in other industries build SaaS businesses and new value propositions on top of their traditional businesses.

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Self-Assess Your SaaS Maturity

BCG's SaaS Excellence application allows users to assess the maturity levels of their SaaS capabilities, and their maturity as SaaS companies overall. The app instantly provides an initial, high level understanding of potential areas for improvement.

The tool consists of:

  • A quantitative survey to assess the true health of the business
  • A qualitative survey to assess the level of maturity in the operating model

BCG’s Work in Software as a Service

Kronos, a workforce management software provider, is undergoing a transformation to SaaS. BCG has facilitated this change. Watch the video to see Kronos’ leaders share their thoughts on what triggered the shift, what it takes to transform, and what the benefits are.

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BCG’s Experts in SaaS

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  • Digital strategy
  • Hardware-to-software transformation
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  • Equipment and infrastructure as a service
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  • ROI optimization
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