Andreas Schwabe joined Boston Consulting Group in 2018 after a career as a serial entrepreneur in marketing, data, and media. He is head of Digital Marketing and Personalization Accelerator for G&A, and leads BCG’s work in data-driven marketing in the CEMA (Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. 

As an expert on topics related to marketing strategy, marketing data, technology, and marketing execution, Andreas helps large organizations transform their marketing to embrace a more data-driven approach and organizational structure. This includes new ways of working, a test and learn mentality, and new approaches to an integrated way of thinking about marketing and media. He helps his clients improve results by using a best-in-class approach to media optimization. 

Before joining the firm, Andreas was General Manager at Blackwood Seven Germany GmbH, and before that, he was Founder and CEO of Booming GmbH, a cross-media performance and programmatic agency, the first to combine performance marketing and TV campaigning.