Technology Sourcing Product Suite

A company’s IT outsourcing program can struggle for any number of reasons, such as vendor underperformance, poorly defined objectives and KPIs, an overly ambitious project scope, or simply underestimating the operational challenges. But getting it right can pay off in a big way.

Gaining maximum value from IT outsourcing isn’t easy. It requires systematic assessment (stress testing) of different business scenarios; transparency on price and cost; clearly defined objectives and KPIs; realistic ambitions; and good contract management. But these efforts, done well, can significantly lower IT costs and increase the quality of IT services delivered.

The Technology Sourcing Product Suite (TSPS) supports clients along the full sourcing life cycle and drives end-to-end improvements in IT outsourcing operating models. It also supports clients in critical points in the IT sourcing life cycle, including setting the strategy and renegotiations.

The Predictive Outsourcing Success Scan (POSS) provides an initial assessment of a business’s IT outsourcing set-up and supports hypothesis generation for root-cause analysis.

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