Vinay Is a Imaginative Pioneer

Managing Director & Partner, Toronto

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Vinay connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

The best part of working at BCG is watching how brilliant people, through collaborative teaming, bring dormant faculties and talents to life.

Vinay Shandal

In Vinay’s Words

When I decided to graduate from law practice and life in New York to return to Canada, BCG was the obvious choice. The commitment to personal growth and creating diverse opportunities felt genuine. The reality at BCG exceeded those expectations. In my first two years, I was able to work across four industries and three geographies, including living abroad through our Ambassador program. Through that journey, I found my senior mentors who stuck by me. Together, we have been building deep C-suite relationships with some major Canadian clients on topics at the top of the CEO agenda. In addition, I was asked to lead our Social Impact practice in Canada, a commitment that we at BCG pursue with passion.

About Vinay

Vinay is a Cambridge (LL.M.) and McGill (LL.B./B.C.L.) trained lawyer who practiced for several years—including at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and the Supreme Court of Canada—before switching to consulting. At BCG, Vinay focuses primarily on financial services, private equity, and pension funds.


What is a typical day like for you?

Lights on, reflection time, work out, e-mail, team breakfast, problem solving, internal meeting, client lunch, e-mail, case team meeting, coffee with mentor, walk around the Financial District, more reflection time, iterate on document, dinner with family, e-mail, Netflix, personal reading, lights out.

How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

Instead of creating blocks in my day when I don’t check e-mail, I create short blocks in my day when I do check e-mail and avoid the smartphone outside those blocks. Nothing catastrophic has occurred as a result!

Why did you choose to work at BCG?

The combination of top-quality people, high-caliber and trusted client relationships, and commitment to the community.

Vinay Is a Imaginative Pioneer