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Next-Gen Work: The Secrets of Bionic Leaders

The future belongs to companies that seamlessly blend talent and technology. Big data, AI, digital tools—all of these technologies allow companies to move with greater speed, insight, and power than ever before. Pair that with the human touch—the ability to think flexibly and adapt quickly—and the result is a bionic company, one that will surge past most rivals.

Systems Thinking Powers Bionic Success

Systems Thinking Powers Bionic Success

Why do digital natives grow into the world’s most valuable companies seemingly overnight while the world’s largest legacy companies achieve only incremental digital progress?

Navigating the Future of COVID-19

Now more than ever, business and government have a crucial role to play in protecting people’s health, bolstering the economy, and developing both practical solutions and game-changing innovations.

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BCG Executive Perspectives Special Edition: Navigating the Delta Variant and the Future of COVID-19


Building a Resilient Government - rectangle

Building a Resilient Government

The pandemic won’t be the last global crisis we face. Here are six principles public sector organizations should follow to prepare for future disruptions.

The Consumer Sentiment Series Rectangle

The Consumer Sentiment Series

The late summer rise of the Delta variant in the US has reduced optimism, but participation in various activities has actually increased since May.

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Leading in the New Reality

Leading in the New Reality

How can our global leaders do more than just react to disruptive change?


BCG Executive Perspectives

Explore the ways companies can protect their workforce and bolster the economy, developing both practical solutions and game-changing innovations.

Reading List 2021

BCG Reading List 2021

Covering topics from sustainability to pandemic response, BCG's reading list offers the chance to reflect on learnings from the past year.

How to by BCG | Collection

How to by BCG Collection

A central hub of interactive briefings designed to help you turn advanced business insights into strategic action.

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Featured Insights

Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG