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The New Logic of Competition

The New Logic of Competition




Competing on the Rate Learning

Competing on the Rate of Learning

New technologies operate at superhuman speed. Social, political, and economic forces move much more slowly. To use learning as a competitive advantage, companies must be able to learn on both timescales.

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy




The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems

The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems

These networks of organizations, well suited to our fast-changing world, call on us to think about business in a new way. But first, as this article in MIT Sloan Management Review explains, we need to dispel the myths and confusion.

The Emerging Art of Ecosystem Management

The Emerging Art of Ecosystem Management

Many companies are building or joining collaborative networks. The challenge is how to effectively set up and manage these ecosystems and use them strategically to maximize value—and gain a competitive edge.



Competing on Imagination

Competing on Imagination

Amid declining long-term growth rates and incessant technological change, companies need imagination more than ever. But the capacity for imagination declines as companies grow.

Strategy - The Global Landscape of Corporate Vitality

The Global Landscape of Corporate Vitality

The Fortune Future index, developed in partnership with BCG, identifies the companies that have what every company needs in a fast-changing business environment: the capacity to explore new opportunities, renew strategy, and grow sustainably.



Winning the ’20s
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